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application for [MA] by MuKuNd^
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Joined: 19th Apr 2015
Rank: --
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20th Apr 2015

In-game name: MuKuNd^
Previous names: [ZA]MuKuNd^
Your age: 15
Your country: india
Server that you play more : xad,lw and grand theft auto european server
If you are accepted, what would your name?: [MA]MuKuNd^
Which are your previous clans?: [ZA]
What was the reason of leaving your previous clan?: my exams were comming closer so i was in acitive
How long your play VC-MP?: 5years
Which members MA you known?: addey and beatz
If you are accepted, what could you offer the clan?: better and improed stats
Who is leader(s) of MA? Ayaboux
What languages talk you?: hindi,englishh
Your favorited weapons: bb,ing,m4/m6
Your timezone: GMT+5:30
Your VC-MP history?: killed many pros

IQ Questions

2 x 78? : 156
VCMP Means? :vice city multiplayer
GTA Means?:grand theft auto
Which Pumps Blood To All of You'r Body?:heart
Which Word Do You Use Allways in VC:MP Chat Box?:any1 duel?

Additional Information: pls give reply soon
Last Edit: 20th Apr 2015 by mukund
Forum » VC:MP » VC:MP Clan Join Appication
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