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before apply , Read rules
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Joined: 17th Oct 2014
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17th Oct 2014

If you have been banned vesez varieties for some reason skip this clan, if you were banned for hack turn around and go another clan, if you were banned for not following the rules, eg wall glitich, glitich crouch, etc.. You might be accepted (but if you still do) you can also turn around and find another clan.

If you want to be part of the clan do not insult the members of the clan, because while these insulting to one claim you can get angry and take you out of the clan, if you keep doing you claim and get kicked out, also if you want to get in and you get bad with members you may not.   

You can apply for the clan here: 
- http://monsterangry.clanw ...
             remember that they are marked with a must be filled compulsorily or your topic will be deleted and denied. 

can not enter the clan. do not want to lie to you and say they were banned not tell the truth we will take care to check with an admin if you need to know if you were ever banned.

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Forum » VC:MP » VC:MP Clan Join Appication
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